All about Salsa and Argentine Tango

Dance does not keep our body physically fit, but also fits you with mental and emotional form. 

Argentine tango

Almost 100 years had to pass for the dictionary to define tango as a “world-wide known Argentinian dance for two people who join in movement, based on a binary 2/4 beat”.

Interesting Facts of Salsa

Salsa is a dance style which has easy, smooth and stylish movements. Salsa dance music is little bit difficult to follow as it does not follow any constant or standard rhythm. It keeps changing now and then and becomes slower and faster at the times.


Couple Dancing

Although it seems now to be the only possible hold for couple dancing, Tango is only the third dance in history done with the man and woman facing each other, with the man holding the woman’s right hand in his left, and with his right arm around her.


The Argentine style music tends to be very melodic and romantic compared to what one would normally consider to be tango music. The primary instrument used is called a bandoneon, a German instrument similar to an accordion. In contrast to other styles of tango, the music almost never makes use of drums or has a heavy downbeat. Played in a 4/4 time signature, dancers are usually able to count the music in 8’s. The songs generally tend to be more romantic as well.

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